Swimming Pool Fences

removable pool fence Thousand Oaks CA

When you have a swimming pool, safety is of utmost importance. Thousand Oaks Fence Company understands your need for safety and peace of mind around your pool. This is why we offer several solutions for your home's backyard oasis.

Removable Pool Fences

Mesh removable pool fencing is a simple and affordable solution to keep children safe around your home.  In the first step, we drill holes into your patio’s concrete.  Next, we install a plastic sleeve.  With this, your mesh pool fence will slide in and out for a quick turnaround. Sections of the frame easily clip together and create a sturdy barrier so your toddler cannot reach your pool’s edge. Mesh pool fences were designed for families who need a solution to keep children safe around their swimming pool. In addition, removable pool fence provides the opportunity to quickly and easily remove it when hosting a large gathering!  If you need a removable swimming pool fence, give Thousand Oaks Fence Company a call.  We will give you a free estimate for your mesh pool fence installation.

Commercial Pool Fencing

commercial pool fence Thousand Oaks CA

As a business you understand the liability issues involved with a swimming pool. Additionally, you are aware each city has specific code guidelines for public swimming pool fences.

Thousand Oaks Fence keeps up to date with all city code changes in our area and we work with permitting agencies to get the job done right from start to finish.  Commercial pool fencing is a serious job because of the liability involved. No matter the materials you choose to complete your pool fence, Thousand Oaks Fence is experienced. You can feel safe knowing we regularly handle many types of commercial pool fence installations. 

Common material choice for a commercial pool application includes vinyl fencing, like the one seen above, or aluminum fencing.  Occasionally, in high-end commercial situations we also will install true wrought iron pool fencing.  No matter which material you choose, we will install it right the first time.  And you can rest assured, knowing if problems arise down the road, we are just a call away! Call Thousand Oaks Fence Company at 805-870-9352 for your commercial pool fence installation.

Safe, Affordable Pool Fencing

metal pool fence Thousand Oaks CA

We understand that choosing the correct fence for your pool and backyard oasis is not a small matter. That's why we offer free estimates on all of our pool fence projects. We can even offer you pricing for our different fece material options.

When you need safety, and peace of mind for your backyard or commercial fence, you know who to call. Thousand Oaks Fence Company will provide you with a quality product, expert installation, and the best in customer service. So, give us a call today and see what solutions we can provide for you!