Privacy Fence Installation

Wood Privacy Fences

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence Thousand Oaks CA

Thousand Oaks Fence Company can install and/or replace the privacy fence in your home's yard and will instantly add a polished look to your home. Wood privacy fences are the most common fence you find around homes. You'll discover there are several reasons for this.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fences are known for their rough, earthy texture and utilizing a natural insect barrier.  No need to worry about insects destroying your wood cedar fence. Cedar wood as fencing material is rugged and strong.  It is light-weight, which helps with its durability.  You will find cedar fences in just about every possible fence design category: vertical, horizontal, board on board, picket as well as many others. Not as common, and a slightly more expensive material is smooth cedar fence.  The cedar wood goes through an extra milling procedure to give it a smooth, clean finish. 

Pressure-Treated Pine

The second most-common wood fence picket material you will find is pressure-treated pine.  Treated pine wood is simply placed in a pressurizer with a concentrated copper solution and exposed to extremely high pressures, causing the copper solution to saturate the wood grain at its core.  The copper solution helps delay the decay of the wood.  It also acts as a bug deterrent. Pressure treated pine, like its cedar counterpart, can be found in use in just about every fence design category. 

Wood Fence Design Trends

Black:Brown Wood Privacy Fence Thousand Oaks CA

The simple way to go, is to install a traditional cedar, vertical picket fence. However, there is no doubt many people today are willing to spend just a little more money to make their fence have just a little more fashion sense and character. What do I mean?

The truth is, if you can envision it, we can produce it.  At Thousand Oaks Fence Company of Burbank, we recognize your privacy fence is more than something to keep your dog in the yard.  Your privacy fence acts as the picture frame that is the curb-appeal of your home.  Your privacy fence also sets the stage for the sanctuary your backyard can be after a long day at work. 

If these things are going to be true, then show us a picture of your ideas and we will use our expertise, experience and own creative ideas to custom design the wood privacy fence you dream of for your haven. Maybe you don’t consider yourself creative?  That’s ok.  At Thousand Oaks Fence Company, we have a picture book record of many of the specialty wood privacy fencing jobs we have completed.  You can use these for reference to mix and match the perfect complimentary designs and even staining colors. 

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Option?

trex composite fence Thousand Oaks CA

Let me guess, you love the look of a beautiful wood fence, You want all the design options, but also would like something with easy maintenance, longer lasting, easy to clean, AND eco-friendly?

Introducing Trex Composite Fencing

Trex Composite fencing brings all of these options to the table.  Your Trex Composite fence will have the beauty of a wood fence, and will last two to three times as long.  Is composite fencing more expensive?  Well…yes, it is.  But, when you add up the savings multiple wood installations and the upkeep to a wood fence, you’ll quickly see that a composite fence is a great option – especially if you plan to be in your house for many years. 

Give the Privacy Fence Pros a Call!

Thousand Oaks Fence Company is your Privacy Fence Pros.  Give us a call today at 805-870-9352.  We’ll schedule a time to come out and show you your fencing options, measure your property and provide a detailed estimate for your fencing job.  You’ll see why we are one of the most sought after fence contractors in all of Ventura County.  If you live in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, or Ventura – we are the fence contractor for you.  Give us a call!